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Welcome to the Electronic Water Use Licence Application and Authorisation System.

e-WULAAS is the online web portal for the submission, processing and authorisation of water use licence applications. This online portal allows prospective water users to register free of charge, submit their applications for water uses, make payments and interact with DWS in a secure online environment.

Water Users registered on e-WULAAS can engage with DWS online regarding the:

  • Submission of applications and related documentation
  • Tracking of applications through the authorisation process
  • Communication
  • Support and assistance.

Using the online application process is as easy as

  1. Register your water use profile
  2. Login with your details
  3. Start your application by following the online prompts.

Prospective water users that do not have access to the online portal will still be able to submit their applications by contacting their nearest DWS Office for assistance.

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